7 Steps To Cleaning Your Own Carpets

It is really important to keep the carpets clean at all times. This is primarily because a clean carpet enhances the look of the house by making it neat and habitable. A frequently cleaned carpet is free from all types of disease-causing germs. Therefore, you need to know how to clean your carpets to maintain them. 

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

The steam carpet cleaning machine is similar to a vacuum cleaner. The machine tends to clean the carpet by using a spray of extremely hot vaporized water on the carpet’s surface. The heat content in the vapour helps in disintegrating the rigid and stubborn stains from the carpet’s fabric, leaving it as clean and sparkling as the original. The primary reason for using a steam cleaner to clean your carpet is that the water vapour generated penetrates deep into the fabrics, unlike the other cleaning agents. The vapour largely facilitates in eliminating the disease-causing germs without any use of chemicals.

The following steps will help you in choosing the best steam cleaner for your carpet:

1. Always look for a multi-purpose cleaner.

2. Some steam cleaners are known to use detergent. Therefore, you should be looking to buy a device that does not use detergent at all to save yourself from the extra cost brought about by the purchase of detergent.

3. The device should be able to jet out the vapour with sufficient force.

4.the next point to consider is the versatility of the cleaner. It is advisable to purchase a steam cleaner that is capable of working on different carpet surfaces.

5. You should be well-familiarized with the working of the gadget before buying.

Spraying the bottle with warm water: There is another method of eliminating the recent stains on your carpet which includes spraying the bottle with warm water. However, this method is not very effective when the stains are spread all over the carpet. The carpet stain removal solutions are the essential stain removers. The main goal of such removers is to get rid of the stubborn stains on the carpet. It is often performed as a pre-treatment process before the more effective and general cleaning exercise. However, it can be quite challenging to choose the most effective stain remover.

In this period of environmental conservation, the majority of the world population is inclined towards purchasing eco-friendly stain removers. You can normally find these in the kitchen or laundry cupboard. 

The hydrogen peroxide trick: This includes having hydrogen peroxide to remove stain from fabrics of almost any type. The chemical is entirely environmentally friendly. 

The lemon juice: The citric acid present in lemon juice is an effective stain remover that guarantees to remove most stains on your carpet. 

White vinegar: It is basically vinegar containing a mild form of acetic acid. It can remove some of the toughest and rigid stains. 

Baking soda and water: The mixture of baking soda and water can be brushed to clean your carpet without purchasing the general expensive environmentally unsafe and toxic chemicals.

It is highly advisable to use a clean cloth and brush as a preliminary cleaning step before carrying out actual cleaning with the more effective methods such as steam cleaning. In the cleaning process, water is sprayed with the cleaning solution and then brushed from the centre to the edges of the carpet. The cloth is soaked in clean water and rinsed before using it to clean the stained areas cleaned by the brush.

The 7 essential steps to follow while cleaning your own carpet at home are:

Step 1: Moving the furniture

It is obviously found difficult to clean the carpet when part of it is under any furniture. Therefore, for easy cleaning, it is suggested to remove the furniture and other households overlying the carpet.

Step 2: Vacuum the room

The next step is vacuuming the room shortly before actually performing the carpet cleaning exercise is mandatory to remove the debris and loose dirt particles. Loose dirt may be found to have fallen from the rest of the room on the carpet if you decide to vacuum the carpet only. Therefore, vacuuming the whole room is advisable.

Step 3: Pre-treatment

This step involves performing the preliminary and less effective cleaning methods such as water and bottle spray to eliminate the less stubborn stains.

Step 4: Read the machine instructions

It is really important to read the user manual of the cleaning machine you are about to use. The cleaning machines tend to have different cleaning settings for different surfaces so it is crucial to adjust the machine into the correct carpet cleaning mode.

Step 5: Start the cleaning process

It is an important point in which you should begin the cleaning process in one corner of the room then move across the room in straight lines. You should stop and then often move back for thorough cleaning of the carpet. Then ensure that the entire carpet is cleaned before allowing it to dry. Repeat the same process in the same way for other rooms.

Step 6: Dry the carpet

It should be noted that enough air is allowed in the room by turning on the fans and opening the doors and windows. This is primarily because the carpets dry faster when air blows on them.

Step 7: Disengaging the machine

The final step involves emptying the water tank before storing the machine. It is very important to rinse the tank after every cleaning exercise.

However, if you require support and service from cleaning professionals, you can contact our team.