Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpets are not just an accessory for your house. They are much more than that. For instance, they are your warmers in the winter season, they are the source of your comfort. However, when you do not give them the care they deserve, they can become harmful to your health. Their thick and dense fiber can clog allergens, pollutants, bacteria, dust, etc from the environment to provide you with fresh air. Our carpet steam cleaning is the best option you can choose. We at SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offer the most efficient and affordable carpet steam cleaning Melbourne. Besides, our team of Carpet Cleaners Melbourne is available 24*7 to steam clean your carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Why Is Carpet Cleaning Important?

Carpet cleaning is important to stay healthy, to keep carpets stain-free, to have beautiful carpets, and to make carpets last longer than usual. Dirty carpets are prone to attacks by bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and all sorts of contaminants. When you get your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals (which is at least once every year), you add more life to your carpets and a healthy environment for yourself. Be it your home or office, carpets take a lot of space, and thus it is essential to keep them clean to avoid sickness.

Dirty carpets also get mould growth and mildew growth. Both of these elements are dangerous for the well-being of your loved ones. Moreover, professional carpet cleaning helps you get rid of any stains or odours from the carpet. It leaves your carpet smelling and looking fresh!

SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne provides efficient carpet cleaning for cleaner and safer carpets with a long life!

Residential and Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is proud of making Melbourne homes cleaner, safer, and more beautiful with our exceptional residential carpet steam cleaning. Your home carpets face a lot of traffic and everyday use. In addition to this, are the accidental spills that happen during a party or playtime for your kids/pets. Moreover, just vacuuming the carpet does not get rid of the deeply hidden bacteria and allergens. But we have the right solution for your carpets – residential carpet steam cleaning. Our steam cleaning thoroughly cleans the carpet from within, eliminates contaminants, and removes all kinds of stains.

Commercial carpet steam cleaning is also our forte. The requirements of commercial carpet cleaning are tougher than residential carpet cleaning. Therefore, we have an assigned team for commercial carpet cleaning. We work efficiently to minimize disturbance and also work in the office in our free time like in early mornings or late evenings. You can even avail of our services over the weekends and get your carpets ready by Monday for use again.

Our cleaners are experienced in cleaning commercial carpets for offices, factories, warehouses, small office spaces, exhibition buildings, retail stores, heritage churches, schools, hospitals, and even aircraft hangers. Our professional carpet stain removal can eliminate the most stubborn stains like blood, soft drink, coffee, vomit, oil, pet accidents, food spills, blood, nail polish, wine, and so on.

Experience the difference we make to your residential or commercial carpets using our eco-friendly solutions and highly advanced steam cleaning techniques.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process 

  • Firstly our experts inspect your carpet severity. Our experts then remove the furniture from the carpet area which requires cleaning and then start the steam cleaning process. 
  • The first thing which hot water extraction experts do is dry vacuum your carpet. The vacuuming helps dry contaminants such as dust particles, debris, and food crumbs from the surface fibers of the carpet.  
  • Once the process of dry vacuuming is completed, our experts work on stains. The Carpet Cleaning Melbourne experts always use the best and safe products for cleaning fibers of carpets. 
  • The last step includes the extraction of water by the hot water extraction method. The expert of our company always uses some of the special cleaners and hot water at high pressure to deep clean carpet fibers.
  • And, now you are ready to use your steam cleaned carpets

Stages of Steam Cleaning The Carpet 

  • In the first stage, an environment-friendly cleaning solution is pre-sprayed on the carpet.
  • In the second stage, the carpet is an agitated rotatory for confirming proper stain removal and separation of soil.  
  • When it comes to the third stage, all the remaining spots, as well as stains, are treated with proper carpet stain removal products until they are faded.
  • The fourth stage includes the steam cleaning of the carpet by a carpet steam cleaners Melbourne
  • Then in the fifth stage, the carpet is rinsed and it is made sure that no soapy residue is left behind on the carpet fibers.
  • The last and sixth stage involves applying deodorizer to provide a fresh smell to the carpet.  
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning
Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Kinds of Stains we Remove

Stains are inevitable for any carpet, irrespective of how careful you are. But don’t let these stains take over your peace of mind. Leave your carpet stain worries to us – the experts of carpet stain removal – SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Our trained cleaners know how to remove any kind of stain, including the following:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Pet urine
  • Blood
  • Ink
  • Wine
  • Vomit
  • Dirt

Carpet stains are of two types – organic and synthetic. We figure out the source of the stain and accordingly do the needful. So no matter what kind of stain your carpet has, we have the surest cure for it!

Pros of Hiring Our Experts for Carpet Steam Cleaning 

We at SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne have been providing the best carpet cleaning in Melbourne for quite a long time and here are some of the major advantages of hiring our experts for help in cleaning.  

  • Our steam cleaning procedure especially focuses on removing the hard stains and provides a new as well as fresh look to your carpet. 
  • The products which have been used by our experts in cleaning are proven to cause no harm to children or pets present in your house. 
  • We ensure that the green cleaning procedure of the carpet is carried out. 
  • Our hot water extraction carpet cleaning experts apply no hidden costs. We have a transparent procedure and provide written charges with all the expenses and the products used in cleaning the carpet.

Same Day Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers same-day carpet steam cleaning anywhere in Melbourne at a budget price. All you have to do is call us and book your appointment. Our carpet cleaning team works round-the-clock for the convenience of our customers. We are available 365 days a year, which means you can hire our carpet cleaners even on public holidays.

Affordable Carpet Steam Cleaning Services Melbourne

SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is your place to get affordable carpet steam cleaning Melbourne. Dealing in carpet cleaning for decades now, we understand its value in your life. This is why we deliver our guaranteed carpet cleaning services at a modest price so that it does not bother you financially. Every carpet owner has to shell out some money for carpet cleaning every year, and if it is too pricey, then people will start hesitating to get it done. We want our customers to be healthy, safe, and happy. Therefore, we provide affordable carpet steam cleaning services all across Melbourne.

Call us to get a free quote for any carpet cleaning requirement!

Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning In Melbourne

Carpet steam cleaning is not everybody’s cup of tea. It needs experience, training, and skills to do the job the right way. It is not like using a vacuum cleaner. Carpet steam cleaning requires vapours to be heated at a specific temperature. It needs techniques to play with steam to collect the broken down dirt and other particles. Moreover, effective steam cleaning is incomplete without proper tools and the latest machines. At SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we have it all – the equipment, the experience, the skills, and the trained cleaners.

Amateur cleaners can even spoil a carpet by making it wetter than required, and this may lead to health issues and carpet damage. Carpet steam cleaning is the safest method, but only if performed by experts. And you can find those experts working with SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne!

Wet Carpet Cleaning and Drying

SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers prompt and friendly wet carpet cleaning and drying solutions in all suburbs of Melbourne. Water damaged or flood-damaged carpets need immediate intervention by professionals. We have a dedicated team for water damage carpet restoration services that reaches your place within an hour of your call. We immediately start with water extraction from the wet carpet.

The next thing we do is wet carpet cleaning to ensure it is safe for use. We perform steam cleaning for the removal of bacteria, contaminants, and pollutants. Wet carpets are susceptible to mould growth. Therefore, once the cleaning is done, we get down for wet carpet drying. Firstly we do moisture removal. Then air movers and dryers are used for thorough drying. Carpet sanitizing and deodorizing are also crucial for wet carpet cleaning to ensure an absolutely clean and safe carpet.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

At SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, we are firm believers in green carpet cleaning. We cherish our Mother Nature and do our bit to save the environment every day. We have developed green cleaning solutions that comprise natural ingredients. We avoid using toxic chemicals for cleaning your carpets. There are two drawbacks of using chemical detergents with phosphates – firstly, they are not suitable for your carpet fabric, and secondly, they are not suitable for the environment either.

If you, too, want to play a role in saving the environment, then choose green carpet cleaning from us. It doesn’t cost you a penny extra, but it does protect you from the side effects of harmful carpet cleaning, which is done using chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions Carpet Steam Cleaning

Why do I need professionals to clean my carpets?

carpets should be cleaned by professionals because they are expensive and cover a large area of the house. Carpets get stained easily during everyday life. And cleaning them on their own requires proper knowledge and tools hence, they should be cleaned by professionals only.

How long does it take for carpet to dry after steam cleaning?

carpet drying time depends on many things like the quality of the carpet, the extent of the saturated area and reason why they get saturated. Usually, it takes 8 – 24 hours for the carpet to get completely dry after steam cleaning.

How much time does carpet cleaning take?

It depends on the extent of the affected area and the cause behind the carpet damage. Per room it can take 30-40 minutes for a thorough cleaning. Beside that normal cleaning doesn’t take that much time.

Is steam cleaning bad for carpets?

Steam cleaning is not bad for carpets but it is one of the effective ways to give the carpet a deep cleaning. However, if the water used in steam is too much boiled then it can damage the carpet fibres. Hence, we should always make sure to not use too much boiled water during steam cleaning.

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