Is It Really Time to Replace Your Carpet?

Home décor decisions are never easy. It can be quite hard to choose a certain carpet over the other one. And it is even harder to decide whether it’s time to replace your carpet or not. It is common for people to get attached to stuff which is familiar. Whether it’s a car, sofa, or favorite restaurant, no one likes change. The problem intensifies when there is heavy expense associated with such change, like carpet replacement.

Carpet Cleaning swift carpet replacement is the go-to solution if a carpet is in its last stage. Our replacement service keeps the inconveniences associated with carpets out of your way.

But how do we decide whether it’s really time to say goodbye to our carpets? Read on and find out!

Is It Really Time to Replace Your Carpet
Is It Really Time to Replace Your Carpet

Persistent Foul Odour

Foul odour in carpets is not a good thing. If you are starting to hold your breath every time you are near the carpet, it is a clear sign that it needs replacement as soon as possible. Replace your Carpet odours can be quite problematic for older people and pets. There are many professional carpet cleaning services which can eradicate foul smells. However, if a professional cleaning technician fails to get rid of the dreadful smell from your carpet, it means that your carpet fibres and padding have rotten. It can also indicate growth of mould and mildew in carpets.

Incessant Staining and Discolouration

Nowadays, carpets are equipped with layers that are stain repellent. However, these layers tend to lose their effectiveness with the passage of time. If you notice that your living room carpet is discoloured and is full of sticky stains, it’s a call for carpet replacement. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne and restoration services can fix minor stains and discolouration. But if the problem persists then cleaning will not help you in any way. Spills and discolouration become harder to deal with once the protective layer in carpet has completely faded. So if you notice a lot of unfixable discolouration and staining in your carpet, complete replacement is your only choice.

Severe Allergic Reactions

The older a carpet is, the more prone it becomes to mould and bacteria. This can trigger severe allergic reactions in pets and humans alike. So if out of nowhere you are experiencing various allergic symptoms like watering of your eyes and consistent sneezing, the old and ragged carpet is to be blamed. You can hire a professional carpet cleaning service to get rid of mould and mildew. But if the problem persists, we recommend you replace your carpet in order to have a more comfortable and healthy environment at home.

Deterioration of Padding

Paddings serve as a cushion for your carpets. A carpet which doesn’t have a well-padded base will fail to serve effectively. You will feel no difference between walking on a concrete floor and walking on your carpet. Carpet paddings are nothing but a thin layer of soft fabric. Yet, they provide incomparable support to the carpet. They are the reason you can walk smoothly over your carpet. In addition, they also reduce noise levels and boost insulation within rooms. Overall, padding serves the purpose of encouraging a cosy and peaceful ambiance.

Walking over a carpet which doesn’t have effective padding is loud and inconvenient in many ways. Hence, if you notice any sign of padding deterioration in the carpet, then it’s time to replace your carpet. Most common indicator is coarse thuds when you walk over them. You can also check the padding by lifting the bottom surface and looking for bumps and wrinkles.

Excessive Snags and Wrinkles

Carpets that require replacement tend to look particularly ragged. If your once beautiful home décor is far from its prime luster, then you can really benefit from a full carpet replacement. Assess the condition of your carpet carefully. Check for the presence of wrinkles, snags, tears, and ripples. Look for indications of bumps too. Such damages are more than just unsightly in carpets. They create several health hazards. Children and pets can get severely injured by tripping on them.

Replace Your Carpet
Replace Your Carpet

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