Quick Tips and Guide For Carpet Cleaning

We all use carpets as floor coverings. It has nice colour, texture and comfort. It is an expensive object. Therefore, you should use it carefully. A carpet gets dirty quite easily because the dirt that we carry under our shoes gets deposited on it. If you don’t do the cleaning of carpets on time, then its quality degrades. One should clean and maintain carpets correctly to increase their longevity. Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult job. Here are some of the tricks and tips that will make your carpet cleaning process quick and easy.

Quick Tips And Guide For Carpet Cleaning

  1. Avoid Rubbing Stains, Blot Them

If you spill anything on a carpet, do not rub it because the stains will spread and go deep inside the carpet. Use a cloth and gently blot the stain marks. Then let the cloth absorb the spillage.

  1. Regular Vacuum Cleaning

You should do regular vacuum cleaning of carpets to remove soil and dust particles. It also prevents the impurities from settling in the deep layers of the carpet. Thus, vacuum-cleaning once or twice a week is essential.

  1.  3. Mould and Mildew Problems

If your carpets have moulds, then make a mixture of salt and lemon juice and apply it over the affected area. Furthermore, you should not use chlorine bleach for colourful fabrics because the colour might come off.

  1. 4. Home-Made Stain Removal Solution

If you want to clean stains and marks by yourself, then make a solution of vinegar and water. Mix quarter vinegar in water and apply the solution of stains. Then gently rub the marks and watch the stains come off.

  1. 5. Tips to Remove Wax From a Carpet

You should use a plain cloth and warm iron for removing wax from carpets. Place the cloth on the carpet and put warm iron on it. The heat of the iron softens the wax. Then scrape off the soft wax with the help of a butter knife.

  1. 6. Steam Clean Carpets Once Every Six Months

Steam cleaning is an effective way of keeping the carpet clean. You should do steam cleaning twice a year to keep it in good shape. Thus, this method removes dirt and kills germs present on carpets.

  1. 7. Use DIY Products Carefully

You should use the best DIY products for carpet cleaning. Follow the description mentioned on the products for effective results. Thus, read the reviews of the product and avoid using chlorine bleach cleaning products.

  1. 8. Clean Spills Instantly

You should not let spills and stains dry. Carpets get stains of food, wine, grease, etc. You should clean these stains before drying because after drying it becomes difficult to remove stains.

  1. 9. Dishsoap and Hydrogen Peroxide as Cleaning Solutions

Dish soap liquids help in removing oil and greasy stains effectively. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for removing wine and blood marks from a carpet.

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