SES Specials Pricing

Melbourne Carpet Steam Cleaning Cost & Pricing

SES Specials Pricing: We have given a Carpet Steam cleaning price list that is applicable to Melbourne Wide. Our prices exclude GST, Pre-Vaccum, Stain Treatment, and Odour removal services. Please note our minimum price for steam cleaning services is between $120-140*. Below price range depends upon the current condition of the carpet. If the carpet is very dirty and with lots of stains, then the higher end of the price will be applicable. SES Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne does not 100% guarantee Carpet Stain Removal. Also, please note these prices are just an estimate so please give us a call on  0345181212 to get a free quote over the phone or submit your query with the help of the contact us form.

Minimum 5 rooms (apply only for standard room size 3*3 size) – $27 per room

Specials Pricing - Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

* Conditions may apply – minimum cost for the Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne is $177*

1 room = $120-$140*

2 rooms = $140-$160*

3 rooms = $160-$190*

4 rooms = $190-$220*

5 rooms = $220-$250*

6 rooms = $250-$270*

7 rooms =$270-$300*

*A room size is considered to be approximately 15 square metres

Persian or Normal Rugs

$120* for 1 rug steam cleaning

$160* for 2 rug steam cleaning

$235* for 3 rug steam cleaning

Specials Pricing: Units/Apartment

$140* for Studio appartment

$120-$140  for 1 bedroom unit or appartment

$145 – $165* for 2 bedrooms unit or appartment

$165 – $175* for 3 bedrooms unit or appartment

Carpet Scotchguard Protection from $29 per room/rug.

*Minimum price is $120-$140 for a home carpet steam cleaning service.