Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most Affordable Deep Cleaning Services for your Carpets

We, at SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, aim at providing the most affordable deep cleaning services for your carpets in Melbourne. If your carpets are in need of a deep clean to remove the dirt and grime, steam carpet cleaning is the most affordable way to give the carpets a thorough cleaning. We are known for providing the most affordable and professional carpet cleaning services for all types of carpets.

Our professional carpet steam cleaning team guarantees the usage of environmentally friendly solutions to ensure the safety of family members and pets. We offer fast and efficient services that are affordable and very effective in treating normal wear and tear of the carpet fibres as well as removing rigid stains. We particularly use premium quality tools and equipment having a high suction force and high-pressure steam spray for the best professional steam clean. We employ industry-standard cleaning methods for complete customer satisfaction on every job.

The team at SES Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is well-experienced to provide you with spotless carpets with restored originality in terms of look and fragrance. Our team is capable of working around your convenience without causing any amount of disturbance to your day.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

The process of steam carpet cleaning services is also known as the hot water extraction cleaning process. It is performed by injecting water into the carpet with the help of a high-pressure hose. Then detergent is sprayed onto the carpet which is activated by hot water. Depending on the type of carpet fabric, whether they are synthetic, wool, or natural fibre carpets, different detergents are used for the cleaning process. The water is then extracted to remove the dirt, soil, and allergens. The carpet steam cleaning method is also known to remove debris that is deep within the carpet fibres. In order to remove the more stubborn stains, a pre-treatment step is performed with other cleaning agents to break down the stain allowing the water to penetrate deeper before being extracted by the vacuum.

Advantages of Carpet Steam Cleaning:

The process of carpet spot cleaning and vacuuming your carpet can only remove the debris from the surface. On the other hand, steam cleaning of the carpet provides a deeper treatment that removes the dirt, dust mites, pet hairs, and all other forms of debris that are commonly found deep in the carpet fibres. Here are some of the advantages of using for carpet cleaning are:

  • Steam Cleaning is the best way to deep cleaning of carpets as it removes the dirt and allergens from deep into the carpet.
  • Steam Cleaning uses lesser chemical compounds. Although it is a wet method, it uses fewer chemicals than dry shampooing.
  • It protects the carpet by increasing its life of the carpet.
  • Steam Cleaning specifically removes allergens and, therefore, safeguards the health of your family and children.

The Cleaning processes that are included in our Steam Carpet Cleaning services:

  • Pre-inspection of the property
  • Pre-spot application for the rigid and stubborn stains
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Extraction process
  • Neutralizing the pH balance
  • Grooming
  • Setting the carpet pile
  • Post-inspection

Why Choose us for your Steam Carpet Cleaning?

§  We are the go-to company in Melbourne for the best results of Steam Carpet Cleaning and have a name of our own in the industry.

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